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Kinetic Shift Practitioner Course

A 2 day UKHA accredited course leading to Kinetic Shift Practitioner status.


Kinetic Shift is a fantastic therapy method that can rapidly help those with emotional trauma, PTSD, weight management, phobia reduction/elimination, anxiety, smoking cessation and much, much more.


Kinetic Shift is "content free", meaning that your client does not need to explain the nature of their issues to their practitioner, and this empowers so many people to come for therapy, as opposed to older therapies where they would have been expected to talk through their problems at length, potentially re-traumatising them. This also helps those clients who are not sure of the cause or root of their issues, as the problem can be shifted using the Kinetic Shift Protocol, requiring no conscious awareness of the root cause.


Kinetic Shift is not hypnotherapy, although an optional day of rapid hypnotic inductions is recommended for those wishing to learn (or improve) those skills. Kinetic Shift Practitioners do not need to be hypnotherapists, and indeed many aren't. It is suitable for all therapists wishing to have these additional skills, and for those new to therapy. It is a standalone therapy, and is easily insurable in the UK.


The Kinetic Shift training course contains the following:


Day 1Fast and dynamic hypnotic inductions


  • A one day foundation course of rapid hypnosis inductions for therapists and beginners alike. We will peel back the layers and show you how to use rapid techniques in any environment and so get more time with your client. You will learn how to hypnotise almost anyone, anywhere.
  • The basics of hypnosis
  • A variety of rapid inductions (a minimum of 7 inductions will be taught)
  • Ethical use of hypnosis
  • Use of rapid hypnosis in clinical or performance
  • Confidence building for hypnotists



Day 2 - Kinetic Shift Practitioner's training


  • Active, Intuitive, Dynamic, Energising
  • The UK Hypnosis Academy has developed and tested this method and it is now being delivered all over the world by certified trainers. If you are a beginner, intrigued or a seasoned therapist, this will change your life, your business, and the lives of many of those you meet.
  • Learn the 7 stages essential for KS Practitioners
    • Alerting the State
    • ILS - Identify, Locate, Shift - content free therapy
    • EMIT - Eye Move It Technique
    • Backfill Process
    • Anchoring
    • Calibration
    • Confusion
  • Kinetic Shift is vastly different to classic hypnotherapy, and can be done anywhere, anytime. Learn how to do this easily and safely.


This qualification will enable you to obtain professional insurance


You do not need to have any formal hypnotherapy qualifications to attend the course, and you have the option to attend either one or both training days as required. However, if you have no previous experience, it is strongly recommended that you attend Day One if you are attending the Kinetic Shift training on Day Two.


Below is an example of one of hypnosis inductions taught on day one. This video was taken on Simon Jones' course in Glasgow, February 2018. Testimonials can be viewed at the bottom of the page.


Course Prices:


  • Two day combined Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis Course – £399


  • One day Rapid Hypnosis – £150


  • One day Kinetic Shift Practitioner Course – £299


  • CPD training - £100 (one or two days for existing certified KS practitioners, a scan of your certificate will be required for verification and eligibility)


One to One and One to Two KS training courses are now available for those wishing to qualify before a course date is due. Please contact Dr Marc Johnson for details.


  • Kinetic Shift - One to One/One to Two - £399 per person


Post course support is offered to all of our KS students, this includes advice, marketing ideas, etc. by email, text and phone.




The next course dates are: 



Chester/North Wales: - 14th and 15th March 2020


Leeds: - 29th February and 1st March 2020 (Leeds DoubleTree Hilton)


Chester: - 8th and 9th April 2020



More courses will be announced soon. Groups of 5 or more can be trained at your location, please enquire if you have a group requiring training.



When making payment please take care to ensure you select the right option.


IMPORTANT: All students must fill in the enrolment form by clicking here, along with payment. This information allows us to contact you with joining instructions. This includes students not paying via PayPal.

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Two day combined Kinetic Shift and Rapid Hypnosis Course

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Kinetic Shift One Day Course

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Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
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