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Magic for Icebreaking and Confidence - with Graham Webber

April 18th 2020 - 09:00 to 17:00


Learn the secrets used by master magicians to amaze their audiences

An exciting and interactive course with Mr Graham Webber, highly talented and respected magician, singer, musician, entertainer, and hypnotist.


In this course you will become confident with using magic as an icebreaker. This is not simply a magician skills course as many courses are these days, but a massive confidence booster, which can empower you to confidently demonstrate your skills, as well as your ability to gain focus and attention from others in the room.


This confidence is ideal for those in all walks of life, from entertainment and performance, to therapists, and sales people too. 


The tricks taught on this course are selected so you can go and perform with minimal practice (but practice will be required). You will also receive an interactive PDF where you can re-watch all tricks.


Skills and tricks learned include:




Your Deck of Cards

Holding your deck: Mechanic's Grip

                                 Spreading cards

Shuffling: Overhand Shuffle

          Riffle Shuffle

The Secrets of Good Magic

Forces: Cut Deck Force

                Slip Cut Force v1

                Slip Cut Force v2

          Classic Force

Trick 1 - Mind Reader
Pinkie Break
Marlo Tilt
Double Lift
Trick 2 - The Ambitious Card Routine
Trick 3 - Jumping Coins
Trick 4 - Appearing Card
False Shuffles - Overhand
Trick 5 - Unshuffled Deck
Trick 6 - The Ambitious Card Pt 2
Sponge Ball Magic
Trick 7 - Hopping Sponge Balls
The Biddle Trick



Awe man i just love this guy - top entertainer, mentalist - hypnotist and magician... Graham is a very professional entertainer who is guaranteed to wow everyone with his amazing talent and diversity... his shows are awe inspiring and he brings that special touch to any celebration and is totally respectfully ethical always.. top entertainer ? to book Graham is to book the best.

 - Wayne Hennessey


Graham is dynamic and engaging! His magic makes you go Wow! His singing and guitar playing are excellent and he certainly knows how to hypnotise! Plus he's a genuinely funny all round nice guy! I'd recommend him 100 percent!

 - Angela Milburn


I have now seen graham at two functions and can honestly say that he is fantastic! His magic is excellent and you can see the fascination in peoples faces as he goes around the tables to entertain people. I myself was totally fascinated by his magic and can honestly say that it brings so much joy. The magic itself is so professionell and it‘s constantly keeping you guessing. His singing and guitar playing is great with some great song choices. I would highly recommend!

 - Leslie Kim sutherland



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This course makes an ideal gift for anyone who is interested in learning magic and becoming a confident entertainer

120.00 GBP

Magic for Icebreaking and Confidence

Early bird price - first 5 only: Just £120, saving £29 on the full price (£149). These 5 places will go quickly. When they're gone, they're gone!

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