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Corporate Services

One to One Sessions, Workshops, and Group Sessions


We offer a variety of solutions to business and their employees, including one to one sessions ideally suited to personal development and management of stress and anxiety. Our group sessions and workshops are ideal for preventative measures such as stress and anxiety management resilience, and recognising workplace stress. Workshops and other group sessions are also available in the topics of increasing productivity through mindfullness, sales techniques, body language, interview and selling confidence, business confidence and skills, and personal development.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction


According to the Health and Safety Executive (2016) "Work-related stress, depression or anxiety is defined as a harmful reaction people have to undue pressures and demands placed on them at work." The total number of working days lost due to anxiety, stress and depression in 2015/16 was 11.7 million days. This equates to an average of 23.9 days lost per case. In 2015/16 stress accounted for 37% of all work related ill health cases and 45% of all working days lost due to ill health.


We work with corporations and businesses of all sizes to reduce workplace stress, anxiety and depression, using a variety of therapies including physical/bodywork therapies such as seated massage and acupuncture, and psychotherapies such as hypnotherapy and talk therapy.


Our services benefit both employees and employers, boosting productivity as well as general health and wellbeing. In addition, our clinical skills allow us to prevent future health and wellness issues. We work with any occupational health specialists that companies have in place to this end and can liaise on specific therapies that may be required.


Stress, anxiety and depression are covered by the Equality Act (2010) (formerly the Disability Discrimination Act (1995)) and therefore employers have certain responsibilities to ensure that reasonable steps are taken to assist employees with such issues. 

Personal Development


Our Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) services are ideal for personal development. Whether it be confidence and time-management for team members, business and productivity skills for mid-level personnel, or development for senior managers, we can assist. Every business is unique in it's approach to its human resources and we will discuss your specific company requirements with you in order to ascertain exactly what is required to develop personnel effectively. 

Return to Work and Illness Mitigation


Employee illness is unavoidable, however with the appropriate therapeutic approaches, the length of time taken off work can potentially be reduced. We have both physical and psychological therapies that can reduce recovery periods, and increase health and wellbeing. Such measures can be highly cost-effective in dealing with both physical and mental health issues in employees, and have been shown to significantly reduce costs to employers associated with sickness.


As a preventative measure, we can also provide services designed to prevent workplace stress, both physically and mentally, whilst improving productivity due to increased employee satisfaction.

Corporate Wellbeing and Wellness Initiatives


We can work with your company to enhance the effectiveness and wellbeing of your workforce. Whether it be short programmes to improve health, such as smoking cessation, or longer term stress management/improved productivity, we would love to discuss how we can improve the lives of your most important asset - your employees. Contact us with your thoughts and we can work together to put effective measures and solutions in place.

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Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
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