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Our WeightWellness Programme is our flagship project, and has been succesfully working for our clients for over 5 years.


No use of fad dieting, gym sessions, so called "healthy snacks" that can only be bought from fad diet suppliers, and no protein shakes. Our system of behavioural change towards eating habits, appetite balancing, and healthy attitudes towards wellness and happiness, leads to a natural balancing of issues faced by a wide variety of people.


Used in both overweight and underweight, this personalised programme utilises several clinical therapies, including:


Hypnotherapy (including the Virtual Gastric Band, when clinically appropriate)


Kinetic Shift (changing the perceptions and beliefs that often hold back people from successful change)


Clinical nutritional advice (simple, modern, clinical nutritional facts, cutting through the urban myths often repeated by diet companies, and the internet)


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches (challenging unhelpful personal beliefs around eating habits, and body image)


EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (useful in anxiety, post-trauma, and other emotional issues that often create barriers to weight management


Acupuncture (mostly on the ear, and only with client consent) (can boost the metabolism, increase motivation and happiness, and change perceptions of appetite)


Any other approaches deemed appropriate in individual cases



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How does it all work? 


Life does not need to be so complicated. Dieting is often a complex mix of foods that are ok one day, but banned the next. We are told that calories need to be counted precisely, then not to obsess over numbers. 


We cut out all of the fluff and padding that fad diets have used over the years to make them look "scientific". Statistically diets fail people over and over, and many people only benefit from dieting for 2 - 4 weeks before the weight stops coming off. Some diets even lead to unhealthy levels of acidic compunds in the body, and many are anti-scientific and even dangerous. So how does the idea of no dieting sound to you?


Designed by our Clinical Director Dr Marc Johnson Ph.D, the WeightWellness Programme begins with a thorough initial consultation (which is free). This consultation aims to discover all of the factors that are causing weight issues. Then we assess what can be realistic changed from those discoveries. Common factors include:


Emotions - not all emotional eating is down to negative emotions, but most are unhelpful. Some emotions are protective, the minds way of protecting you from negativity. 


Unhealthy patterns of eating - wrong times, eating because it is midday even if not hungry, etc.


Medical issues and genetics are taken into account - we work with any medical issues and take into account such things as thyroid issues, diabetes, and familial history of weight issues. Sometimes there are simple tweaks we can make to improve weight loss in these conditions.


Stress and Anxiety - A major factor in weight issues, the reduction in stress and anxiety is clinically related to improved weight control. Our MindWellness system of anxiety management is brought into our WeightWellness programme at no extra cost.


Sleep issues - people who do not sleep well often have problems with energy, and stress hormones are released as a result. Rebalancing emotional issues surrounding sleep reduces insomnia (and other sleep related problems) and therefore assists weight management.


Exercise - movement is important in healthy weight management, going to the gym for hours on end is not. When we look at weight loss, a calorie deficit is required, and those that walk or exercise regularly without weight loss are probably just in need of a slight increase in movement. We ask only that where possible 20 minutes walking or other extra movement is included into most days. That's it for most people, 10 minutes there, 10 minutes back. It's not much to ask, and shows commitment, as well as adding to a calorie deficit. Those with mobility issues are given alternatives to this.


Nutritional intake and previous experience of dieting - many people are simply eating the wrong foods, the wrong amounts of foods, and quite often have been baffled by the sheer amount of conflicting advice (and nonsense) they are bombarded with by the media, internet, and diet companies keep to make money. We give simple, easy to follow nutritional advice that makes sense. It is based on decent scientific evidence of human nutritional needs, taking into account our common similarities and our individual differences. There will be no diets set, and we will not ask you to eat foods you don't like. Very little is out of bounds, and small amounts of what you want are ok - after all we want you happy, so you don't release those stress hormones!


How long does the programme take?


We keep things simple. After the initial consultation and personalised therapy prescription, everyone is enrolled onto a tailored 5 session programme. Occasionally there is the individual requirement for further additional sessions, however this is not essential in most cases, but may be recommended where clinically required (e.g. more than 6 stone to be lost, or in eating disorders) 


These 5 sessions typically take place over approximately 6 - 8 weeks with the following schedule being common:


Session 1 (following the initial free consultation)


Session 2 - approximately 7 days after the first session


Session 3 - approximately 14 days after session 2


Session 4 - approximately 14 days after session 3


Session 5 - approximately 14 days after session 4


Course Pricing


The 5 session programme is priced at £350


Further individual sessions after the programme are priced at £60.


A deposit is required to secure a place on the programme, and balances are payable prior to commencement of programmes.


There is no lengthy waiting list to get through and the programme is priced at less 5% of the average financial cost of surgical gastric band procedures in the UK* . There is none of the surgical risk attached to bariatric surgery.




How to proceed


Once you have decided that the WeightWellness programme is a good choice for you, all you need to do it get in touch and we can arrange a mutually convenient FREE appointment for your initial consultation. You can click here to fill in our contact form, or you can email us at, or you can simply call our clinic on 01244 940911, or call, text, or Whatsapp 07428 357193. We are also available on Skype (marc.hypno) and Facebook messenger via our Facebook page



Read more here in our quick guide

Virtual Gastric Band and Weight Management Hypnotherapy Guide
Information for clients considering Weight Management Hypnotherapy (including the Virtual Gastric Band)
Virtual Gastric Band and Weight Manageme[...]
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WeightWellness Programme Deposits
50.00 GBP

WeightWellness Deposits, only required following FREE initial consultations


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Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
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