North Wales and Chester Clinical Wellness Centre
North Wales and Chester Clinical Wellness Centre

Legal notice

Name of company
North Wales and Chester Clinical Wellness Centre

Registered office


Units 29 & 30

Deeside Enterprise Centre

Rowleys Drive


Flintshire CH5 1PP


Contact details
Tel: 01244 940911 (clinic) 07428 357193 or 07704 079306 (mobile)

Skype: marc.hypno


Cancellation policy

Cancellations happen and we appreciate that your circumstances may necessitate a change in apopointment times/dates. If cancelled over 24 hours before a scheduled appointment there will be no charge, however, we reserve the right to charge a full consultation fee for missed appointments where less or no notice is given. Pre-payments may be forfeited where appointments are not attended without sufficient notice.


Payments for programmes

Programmes are sold as a unit, with the understanding that they are for a course of treatment that would be expected to benefit the client more than single sessions, and therefore refunds will not be given for early withdrawal from or non-attendance at programmes. Your statutory rights are not affected by this.


Advanced payments and deposits

An advanced payment or deposit may be requested for therapy programmes. In addition, advanced payments in full will be requested from anyone who has previously failed to attend an appointment without notice.




Privacy Policy


This is the North Wales and Chester Clinical Wellness Centre's privacy policy, we are located at Units 29 and 30, Deeside Enterprise Centre, Rowley's Drive, Shotton, CH5 1PP and you can email us at This privacy policy explains how we use any personal information we collect about you and why we collect it.

What Information Do We Need?
We need your contact details, your: name, phone number, address, postcode and email address. We will also need information about your age and health in order for a treatment to go ahead. 
Why Do We Need It, How Will We Use It and How Long Will We Retain It?
We need all the details above in order to ensure that it is safe for us to provide the treatments you may ask for and also for insurance purposes. We will store your information for 7 years after the date of your treatment, or for 7 years after you have reached the age of 18 if you are/were under 18 when your treatment took place. Our lawful basis for processing this personal information is ‘contract’, this means that we have a legal reason to ask you for your data because we need it for contractual reasons. You do not have to share your personal data with us, but if you do not we cannot offer you a treatment. You must fulfil your side of the contract (share your personal information) in order for us to fulfil ours (carry out treatment).
Will We Share Your Information?
We will not share your information with anyone outside of our clinic, unless legally required to do so. 
How is information stored?
All of your information is securely stored in written format and not digitally. We do not keep or process computerised records containing any personal information.
Who Can I Complain To If I Feel You Are Not Handling My Data Correctly?
Please contact us if you have any questions about this privacy policy or the information we hold on you, you can do this by email ( or post (Units 29 & 30, Deeside Enterprise Centre, Rowley's Drive, Shotton, Flintshire. CH5 1PP). If you believe we are not handling your data correctly you have a right to make a complaint, this should be sent to us using the above contact details. If you are unhappy with our response you should then contact the ICO (independent commissioner’s office) by contacting them or using the following web page 


Legal notice for Hypnosis.EARTH (international) clients:


Legal: The jurisdiction in which therapy provided is the United Kingdom with the laws of England and Wales being aapplying. By undertaking a hypnosis.EARTH session or programme you agree that this is the jurisdiction in which therapy originates, regardless of client location. The client is responsible for ensuring that such therapy programmes are legal in their own jurisdiction prior to commencement of therapy, and that intended means of communication are also permitted in their country.

Payments are final, and where a programme has been paid for, it has been made for a programme of sessions and not a number of individual sessions. The client thereby waives any right to a refund for sessions not undertaken or missed appointments. Missed appointments, or those cancelled without adequate notice will be forfeited. Your statutory rights under the laws of England and Wales are not affected by this. Deposits, where required are non-refundable.

We do not offer medical advice, our therapies are not a substitute for professional medical advice, nor are offered as a cure for any medical condition. 

Contact us

You can reach us on:

Clinic -    01244 940911

Mobile -  07428 357193

              07704 079306



General enquiries:




Skype: marc.hypno


You can also use our contact form.

In order to visit us we are located at:

North Wales and Chester Clinical Wellness Centre


Units 7, 8, & 12
Deeside Enterprise Centre

Rowleys Drive,


Flintshire CH5 1PP

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