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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's relating to hypnotherapy:

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis generates a natural highly focussed state of mind that allows for heightened awareness and rapid learning. When use therapeutically, hyposis becomes hypnotherapy, and empowers people to make changes to behaviour, habits, and patterns.


Will I be asleep? Whilst it is true that occasionally some people fall asleep whilst in hypnosis, it is not common, and a hypnotherapist will not encourage sleep in their clients. Hypnosis is simply a heightened state of awareness, with or without your eyes being closed.


Is it safe? Hypnosis/hypnotherapy is very safe, and many clinical studies have shown this. You should not howevere practice self hypnosis, nor listen to hypnotic recordings whilst driving or operating machinery.


What does hypnosis feel like? Everybody is different and there is no expectation that you should feel in any particular way during hypnosis, although some do report a heavy, or light feeling during the session. Others report pleasant tingling sensations. Many people do not feel anything, and this is nothing to be concerned about, your hypnotherapist will know you are hypnotised by looking for the physical signs that they are trained to monitor.


Can anyone become stuck in hypnosis? No, there are no documented or known cases of this myth. Even if left alone in hypnosis you would awaken of your own accord.


Can I be made to change against my will? No, hypnotherapy begins with an agreed therapy plan, which is adhered to. You would likely immediately reject anything that went against your core values too. Hypnosis is not brainwashing.


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Best Hypnotherapy in Flintshire
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